Sometimes it might seems that my supporting of Channing is nearly an addiction but you know :P Thanks to Quishe who is a lovely webmiss of CTU we all now know that this amazing guy is not only hot looking but that he's just a normal guy who accidentally ran into the big world of movies. Than when you consider yourself being his real fan, it's just a pure pleasure to support him.

While I was in Prague I accidentally found the music video of TWISTA feat. FAITH EVANS. I was never a big fan of hip hop and other similar music but since I first saw STEP UP (guess with who? :D ) I'm quite a big fan of those songs with nice melodies and reasonable lyrics. That's what I like about HOPE, the chorus is just brilliant and actually helped me get myself through some rough times lately. And apparently i like it because of Chan :P, because it's from my favourite movie COACH CARTER and just because I agree with every line of that song.


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