.French Music.

Author: Lainy

As long as I'm huge fan of English I also have to mention my obsession by FRENCH. Here are three music videos that was sent to me by my net-pal Adrien.


.I'll Be by Edwin McCain

Author: Lainy

Have you ever felt that movie-like feeling? When you are waiting on the bus stop, everyone is passing by, cars are speeding so fast that you almost cannot focus on them? You just cannot focus on anything at all but your feelings and memories about someone you deeply loved some time ago. That's my movie-like feeling I go through quite often usually when I'm alone, listening to my mp3 player and just thinking. It's not thinking in the right sense, it's just my mind floating in the world of past and memories that hurt when I'm not ready to fight against them. In those moments I'd love to be in my personal movie, focus on me as I'm starring into the empty space in front of me and than cut the movie to the person I think about and this song would be the one playing along...


.ACDC Support.

Author: Lainy

In case you haven't heard about the BIGGEST ONLINE DANCE BATTLE yet it's my pleasure to inform you about this sick thing. I've been always into the dance (movies, comptetitions here in my hometown etc.) and finally today I took a glimpse on this dance battle and I was really amazed!!!

ACDC Crew (Adam/Chu Dance Crew) challenged M&M Cru (Miley & Mandy) some time ago and this is how it all started. Now you can see on YOUTUBE their dance videos with different dancers including Chan himself and Jenna (his girlfriend) in the M&M Cru. Though I'm a huuuge fan of Chan I have to be down with ACDC crew because their dacing skills are just waay better. And *cough* *cough* I don't like Miley Cyrus at all...


.Our Deepest Fear.

Author: Lainy

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Marriane Williamson

+ watch carefully COACH CARTER and you'll hear it there too.


Sometimes it might seems that my supporting of Channing is nearly an addiction but you know :P Thanks to Quishe who is a lovely webmiss of CTU we all now know that this amazing guy is not only hot looking but that he's just a normal guy who accidentally ran into the big world of movies. Than when you consider yourself being his real fan, it's just a pure pleasure to support him.

While I was in Prague I accidentally found the music video of TWISTA feat. FAITH EVANS. I was never a big fan of hip hop and other similar music but since I first saw STEP UP (guess with who? :D ) I'm quite a big fan of those songs with nice melodies and reasonable lyrics. That's what I like about HOPE, the chorus is just brilliant and actually helped me get myself through some rough times lately. And apparently i like it because of Chan :P, because it's from my favourite movie COACH CARTER and just because I agree with every line of that song.


As long as I've got it on my mind I should say little some and some about my two days on the set of big budget US movie called G.I. JOE with working the title Dark Sky. I was in Prague to study for my finals (yeah I passed!) and while I was bored I was hanging around the set of this upcoming movie with my most favourite actor and person ever - CHANNING TATUM. Yeah, I was kinda hoping to meet him but unfortch I was on the two sets and when I figured out that there was the third one (probably with Chan) it was too late because it was already closed. Yeah, never on the right place in right time. Nevertheless I took some photos so you can see what was going on there. (the watermark is from my Czech personal blog - SCARSxxx.INFO.)


.Let's Get It Started.

Author: Lainy

Starting again from the very beginning with the whole new idea how to write this thing. I'm that kind of person who needs to take everything down, write about things around me, take pictures of everything, that can stop in the middle of the street to take a picture of something interesting. So let this be my visual, audio, video diary. Whenever I find something that catch my attention I'll put it here. Whether it's an article, a video, a picture of something I like etc.

Just welcome on EVERYTHING LAINY.