As long as I've got it on my mind I should say little some and some about my two days on the set of big budget US movie called G.I. JOE with working the title Dark Sky. I was in Prague to study for my finals (yeah I passed!) and while I was bored I was hanging around the set of this upcoming movie with my most favourite actor and person ever - CHANNING TATUM. Yeah, I was kinda hoping to meet him but unfortch I was on the two sets and when I figured out that there was the third one (probably with Chan) it was too late because it was already closed. Yeah, never on the right place in right time. Nevertheless I took some photos so you can see what was going on there. (the watermark is from my Czech personal blog - SCARSxxx.INFO.)


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  1. xbautobot

    I was wondering if you have anymore pictures of the G.I. Joe set. I want to do a story on them and will give you full credit. The images you have up are very small do you have larger versions?

    Please contact me at

    Thanks for your time

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